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Our Process

PRI has an integrated process to ensure quality parts and on-time delivery. With new projects PRI utilizes their 6 "C's" process. 

After completing your first order, PRI has implemented their "Done Right" internal process with each new order.


6 C's: Collect, Collaborate, Construct, Complete, Control, Confirm

PRI spends time working with you to collect all of the information pertaining to your request. 

Nobody is an expert of all things. However, collectively we are a lot smarter. PRI uses this phase to collaborate internally to prevent mistakes and to ensure that we have all the information we need before proceeding.

Once the customer and PRI is comfortable with the proposed design and process, PRI begins constructing the tooling, testing the tooling and the associated processes. The collaboration phase continues to help overcome problems or difficulties and keep the customer up-to-date on the progress or their project.

With the tooling and processes functioning properly, PRI runs your order to get it completed.

Particularly with new products, PRI uses best quality practices to ensure proper execution of your order. PRI wants to keep a controlled process and make additional modifications to the tooling or process if necessary.

PRI ships the order to you and follows up to confirm that your expectations have been met or exceeded. PRI knows that your parts have to be right. If they are not right, the problem will be quickly remedied.

Our Process

Our Process

"Done Right"

PRI's "Done Right" process is just what is says; get your order done right. What it really consists of is checks and balances throughout the completion of your order to ensure it is done right. To summarize, it starts with receiving your order. PRI confirms the order quantity, price, and design revision. Afterwards, PRI schedules your order and informs you of the lead time and expected delivery date when applicable. Before actually running your order, PRI pulls extensive notes from a database of prior production runs for this part; leveraging an existing knowledge bank to get the part correct and completed as quickly as possible. During production PRI requires regular quality checks and require a "check-in-& check-out" process with all production managers if your part runs for consecutive shifts. In short, PRI gets it Done Right!